Be Here. Be Home.

What is "letting go"?

It's hard to let go. and what does it really even mean? Letting go of our human existence is near impossible to do for us. We hold so tightly to it, (those experiences that shape us).  They define us and we wonder, who will I be without all of that? It really is all that we are, all we have seen, experienced, tasted, touched, and smelled. Eery scene in our lives makes up who we are in this moment. So, the question is, every time your yoga instructor says just let go, what are you actually meant to do. We don't want to let go of the experiences that we have had but, instead accept them for all they have given us and the perspective that leads us forward.

Non-attachment is the word and concept we begin with. Instead of attaching to the old scenarios, try to alchemize the moment into something that is gained for the future. Your personal growth. Something that serves you instead of hurts you. If any power we have in this world is real, then this is it. The ability to manipulate our perceptions. -For the good or for the negative. It seems attaching to pain gives us the scapegoat that we need in order to avoid change, real incredible change and the life your soul was actually meant for. This can be an awful scary place to be (that transformation of truth) but, let's argue that living in pain and anger, resentment and hate can be just as frightening. Some of us have a harder time with change, no doubt, and that may shift with each scenario we face. It can be crippling at times or just simply a dull pain in the *#%. Say, instead of fearing the change and holding onto pain, we afforded that memory or moment in time, only positivity, searched for the silver lining and met change with a strong heart and refused to allow the scenario to rule but rather the enlightened thinking about the  situation be the way we received the oncoming change.

This kind of thinking, -i.e. letting go, can help us to let go of attachment to a specific outcome and let the power of your alchemy to positivity be the change that allows us to live fulfilled and happy and dis-ease free. It is an everyday struggle and these harsh thoughts and feelings will try to rule. each time you feel like you have a handle on it, a stronger force in the universe comes to knock you off of your feet. Just as these life situations arise like a wave and then disappear again, so will your resolve to remain peaceful. This is the part of life that has us continually searching for our yoga, and that is OK!! embrace the eb and flow of life because that is our continual teacher of "letting go". Know that there is so much more to your eternal being than  your life experiences thus far and you are built for greatness if you allow it in and accept the challenges you face with grace and love.

The energy and matter that we share with the earth is something like breathing, and like the air, like the ocean. -That constant eb and flow. Your gift is this body and this life and the right to carry that gives you a great responsibility to engulf it with positive and healing energy. This will help you begin to detach from the minutiae of daily life in the way of an observer and the subject at the same time. Basically, focus on the bigger picture as a mechanism for letting go and accepting change. Rolph Gates says in his book, Meditations on Intention and Being", [the] spiritual practice can be understood as cultivating the habit of meeting low energy patterns like ill will or craving with high-energy intentions like kindness or generosity." When we move our intentions in this way, kindness and generosity will help us to view as an observer. One who wishes for peace. It allows us to let go of hurt and embrace change happily.

The lifespan of a single leaf only exists for a season, and yet, after it's death it still continues to bring us beauty in the colors of change, then returns again just as strong the next season.