Call Terri Wilson to book your appointment: (860) 729-8898

Reiki with Energy Clearing

Reiki relieves Anxiety stress and PTSD and is excellent for pain management as well! Most clients relax instantly, if not fall asleep. Message to Schedule. 

$77 for 45 minutes, $88 for 60 minutes, $99 for 90 minutes

Reiki with Crystal Bio-mat

Reiki with Crystal Biomat. The heated Amethyst, Jade and Tourmaline Crystals produce negative ions can improve your mood, decrease stress, increase energy, improve your immune system and leave you feeling rejuvenated. 

$88 for 45 minutes, $99 for 60 minutes $111 for 90 minutes

Crystal Reiki Continuous Energy Healing

One Crystal is chosen specific for your particular situation to heal what is needed. Can be used to heal Past life Issues, Anger, Fear, you name it. Continuously sends Reiki for 7 days.


Distant Reiki

Reiki can be sent anywhere in the world, as well as into your past or future. Receive 45 minutes of dedicated Distant Reiki. Schedule at a particular day/time, or I can send at my convenience. To schedule we would "synchronize" the Time Zone as well as time by phone, or FB chat. Have your meditation music ready, let any family members know you need this time frame to yourself (no pets, children, phones) set your alarm... and we compare notes after if needed.

45 minutes  and up • $77

7-Day Continuous Reiki Healing Grid

Crystal Grid Healing runs continuously sending you Reiki for 7 days. The Energy goes where it is needed. I can also choose crystals specific for your situation to heal what you need.

30 minutes  • $55

Clear Energy & Balance Chakras

This is a great option if you are pressed for time. Reiki Energy will Clear your Auric Field of all Negativity and Balance your Chakras. Make sure you drink plenty of water after.

15 minutes  • $33

Essential Oils soothe Body, Mind, Soul

I make a blend specifically for you, Essential Oils do wonders to help you focus, relax, lose weight, or add to a healing salt bath! Or Order from my site

30 minutes  • Varies

Heal childhood & triggers of your past

I will give you the tools to stop the self-sabotaging loops and thought processes that are destroying your relationships and help you heal the triggers from your past that are affecting your future.

1 hour  • $111

Twin Flame Mentoring/ Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual advising and mentoring for Twin Flames/ Soul Mates/Divine Partners or simply your life path. As an Illumined Blue Ray Twin Flame in Union, I can put you on a healing path to becoming Balanced and Whole.

1 hour  • $111

Readings- Twin Flame and General

An Illumined Blue Ray Twin Flame, Intuitive Empath, I can guide you through Readings.along your life path. Tarot, Angel and Oracle readings available.

30 minutes  • $55

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki I & II Classes2 Days 9am-6PM. Learn the history of Reiki Level I &II Placements, scanning the energy field and hand positions to heal self and others. (to channel more intense levels of energy), 3 Reiki Symbols, Training Manual and Certification.


Usui HolyFire III ART/MasterTeacherClass

3 days 9am -6pm Learn how to send continuous healing, receive more Reiki Symbols, Holy Fire Pre-ignition & Placements learn how they work. Learn the evolution of Reiki, and how to teach Reiki. Training Manual and Certification included.


Reiki Share

Reiki Healers need Reiki too! Share, connect and relax with other Reiki practitioners of all levels. We will take turns giving and receiving Reiki. Registration in advance is required as space is limited. RSVP Terri at and let us know what level Practitioner you are. We will start with Music and basic Energy clearing, form a circle of love and positive energy, send distant Reiki, then take turns giving each other healing energy and sharing best practices. 

3 hours  • $30 per person

Reiki Experience Reception

Invite friends over to Experience Reiki together. Each person will receive 20 Minutes of Reiki, with a question and answer period after to learn how Reiki Works and Compare experiences.

Duration varies • $30 per person up to 6 people