Yoga Room Etiquette

Be on time to class.  We lock the front door at the start of every class for the safety of clients and staff, so please be sure to arrive in a timely manner so you do not get locked out.

No shoes or cell phones in the yoga room.  A secure space will be provided for all of your personal belongings.

The yoga rooms are quiet spaces.  You may chat with friends in any of our common rooms, but we ask that you practice silence as you enter the yoga room.  Many of our clients come early to settle on their mats before practice begins, so please be mindful of others.  Be sure to use the restroom before class!  If you need to leave the room, please do so quietly to minimize distraction.

If you experience dizziness or lightheadedness during practice, we ask that you go into child’s pose or resting pose on your mat.